Today’s knowledge organisation must ensure business has the necessary talent and leadership for sustainment and expansion. You must have the right structure, with the right people in the right places. At HRC Associates, our first priority is to help you decide your business strategy for determining the critical knowledge and skills needed for precise execution and management.

We assist startups in designing and costing simulated organisational structures, job design and salary grades to help make the right choices throughout your investment decision-making process. After reviewing your company’s demographics and assessing the long-term risks associated with talent and knowledge loss, we devise manpower and succession strategies to close the gaps and ensure a continuous talent flow into your people pipeline.

In addition, we advise CEOs and Boards on the identification, assessment, and development of your internal executive talent through the use of Behavioural Profiling, Interviews, Performance Reviews, Competency Analysis and Cultural Alignment Goals. This analysis helps in executive development, succession planning, transformational change, and greatly supports personnel and leadership decisions.